What is adaptive yoga. Adaptive yoga classes are for individuals living with mobility impairments such as paralysis, amputation, spinal cord injury, severe arthritis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, head injury and other physical conditions. Adaptive yoga emphasizes the experience within poses and the universal principles inherent to yoga that are accessible to all students, regardless of their level of physical ability

Our mission. Our mission is to provide accessible yoga instruction to people living with mobility restrictions in the greater Seattle area and to promote adaptive yoga classes in the region by
training volunteers, yoga teachers, healthcare professionals and organizations, and encouraging them to develop their own programs.

Our program is inspired by the work of Matthew Sanford, founder of Mind Body Solutions. His approach is based on the existence of a dynamic awareness between the mind and the body. It emphasizes energy flow, inner awareness and the building of a strong connection between the students, teachers and volunteers. We are excited to work upon the strong foundation MBS has established, and to bring our own insights and expertise to the work . For more information about Mind Body Solution at http://www.mindbodysolutions.org/about/

Health Benefits of Yoga:
• Decreased pain
• Increased body awareness
• Reduced stress
• Improved circulation
• Improved sleep quality
• Stronger immune system
• Integrated function of the whole body
• Improved emotional health