About Us


Adaptive Yoga Northwest provides accessible yoga classes to people of all abilities and mobility styles in the greater Seattle area. Our goal is to be a pilot program for the area, and in creating a thriving program, to then promote adaptive yoga classes all over the area by training volunteers, yoga teachers, healthcare professionals, and organizations to develop their own programs.

Our program is inspired by the work of Matthew Sanford at Mind Body Solutions. You can view their exciting work at www.mindbodysolutions.orgWe are excited to build upon the strong foundation MBS has established, and to bring our own insights and expertise to the work!

Here’s what student Scott Ballenger had to say about classes at AYN:

Yoga is really working for me. 
Yesterday, after doing the ‘tree’ pose,  I was lying there on my back with my legs extended and my left hip externally rotated like it always is when I’m supine. You stood over the top of me and lined my hips up with your feet (very cool technique). The internal rotators on my left hip immediately engaged. I can’t remember the last time I had any useful control over those muscles. It’s not from a lack of trying. I can’t really explain this. 
Now when I woke up this morning, it was kinda like any other morning. Stiff and sore.  Not cured at this point, but then I’m not really looking for a cure. I just want to manage this body of mine so I can maintain my independence for many more years. 
I think Yoga is the key to my independence. 
Thank you!



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